Ramprasad Sundar is a Composer and Sound designer based out of Los Angeles, United States. Currently residing in the heart of the entertainment industry, he has scored and sound designed for many Hollywood and International films. Specialized in Interactive Audio and Linear audio technology, he has been one of the few entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the fields of Music and Sound.

As an experienced sound designer, he has been working with the world famous Virtual instrument makers Output Inc. as one of their leads in creating content products such as Signal, Rev X-Loops, Exhale and most recently Analog Brass and Winds etc. by raw data manipulation and source audio modulation.

He has worked with award winning Music Supervisors such as John Sands, Andy Ross and world famous companies and celebrities such as Cutting Edge Group, Facebook, Instagram, Wayne Sharpe, Mali Elfman, Mandolin U. Srinivas, Shankar Mahadevan, Illayaraja to mention a few people. Currently a creative director for a budding music placement platform ‘Doopaadoo’, Ramprasad has been actively pursuing his passion for audio and music around the world and equipping himself on developing audio tech.