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Output Inc- Original Content Sound Designer

Sound designer contributing towards Signal, REV-X Loops, Exhale, Movement and Analog Brass & Winds and expansion packs.

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Hitting the Right Notes


It is rather frequent to witness engineers switch their career paths to follow their passions. However, when LA-based music composer Ramprasad Sundar got a chance to unite his love for melody and his qualification as an engineer, he knew it couldn’t have been better

On a ‘sound’ note

During his college years, Ram became a regular fixture at festivals as part of college music bands singing and composing

Sundar on Board the Music Drive

Sundar on Board

Sundar on Board the Music Drive

US-based Ramprasad Sundar scores for Thoppi


Ramprasad Sundar

Composing tunes for the Tamil film Thoppi has only strengthened U.S.- based musician Ramprasad Sundar’s bond with Chennai, the city of his birth

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